Write to Congress

HR Professionals, Make Your Voice Heard! It is important as an HR Professional that you keep your elected officials informed on how issues affect employees, employers, and the HR profession as a whole.  We encourage all HR Professionals to communicate regularly with their representatives to make sure they hear your voice.  LHRMA will also call on its members to assist in the communication of the HR Profession’s view from time to time.Please use the following resources to assist you in contacting and writing to your representatives both on the state and federal level –

  • SHRM Advocacy Action Center – http://capwiz.shrm.org/shrm/issues/?style=D&
    This site provides legislative alerts and updates, zip code search to identify your federal representatives, action items that SHRM is requesting HR Professionals assistance on, and template email and letter messages to use when communicating to your representatives.
  • C-SPAN Elected Officials –
    This site provides a zip code search to identify your representatives on both a federal and state level, as well as, links to their contact information.