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    How many “entries” do you allow space for applicants to list their employment history on your employment application form?  Right now I have three “entry areas” (for three employers, just to keep that area on one page), but I’m finding that is not enough if people have moved around a lot (resume contains more employers).  I also don’t want a super lengthy employment application.  Would appreciate feedback on how you’re doing your employment application forms!  Thanks.


    We keep our employment application process very quick.  It really is just some basic questions that are asked and then a place to upload a resume and cover letter.  The types of positions we recruit for are all professional so all candidates have a resume.


    We allow space for up to five past employers’ information. Quite a few of the positions we hire for are Para-professional in nature and do tend to have a higher degree of turnover. We find that the frequency of “job-hopping” that is portrayed in the application can help us better determine the likelihood the candidate will stay long enough for us to experience a return on the investment of months of training.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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