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    Matthew Becker


    I seek your help.  Our company is looking to provide company e-mail access to our hourly employee (production) workforce.  Our production staff will not have immediate access to computers as do others so as we prepare and plan accordingly, I would like to see how others in the community are managing this process.


    – I would assume break and lunch would be the most opportune times for them to access their work accounts (we will set-up break room stations).  How do others of you approach this?

    – If employee’s are responding to “work e-mail” on lunch or from home how do we compensate?  Do we compensate? (In this scenario, our Production Staff can’t really “work” from home) as a Salaried NE employee can.

    – If we utilize company e-mail in emergency/weather situations (I.e. plant is closed due to Blizzard) and inform the hourly staff to check e-mail prior to reporting to work, do we have to compensate for this?

    – Does anyone utilize contract/temp staff and if so, are they included?  Do you run into “co-employment” issues?

    In short, does anyone have a company policy or guidance they can share; specifically, for Hourly NE staff?

    All help welcomed!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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