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    I’m curious to know what other organizations in the Lincoln & Omaha area are doing regarding OSHA’s ETS regarding the vaccine or test mandate? Are you allowing employees to test & mask? If so, who is paying for the testing cost? Employee, employer, or shared? If the cost is paid for by the employer or shared, is the employer purchasing them & distributing or is the employee purchasing theirs & submitting for reimbursement? Are you tracking testing in house or through a software system? Which system?


    Hi Hannah, at this time we are not mandating vaccines or testing.  We (Lincoln Public Schools) are mandating masks for the month of January and we will look at it again towards the end of the month.  We make all of our decisions on this in coordination with the Lincoln/Lancaster County Health Department.  There are several businesses in town that work with them.  They have been extremely helpful and I am sure they would be happy to speak with you about more specific questions that you have.  I hope you are doing well.


    Hi Hannah. We are not mandating vaccines or testing at this time. We are waiting on the final ruling before updating policies or procedures. We are following the most current CDC guidelines for positive COVID cases and exposures. We also send out weekly communication with any updates regarding COVID-19. If the ruling goes through, we plan to use Paychex to have employees upload their vaccine card to track vaccination status. It’s secure and then we don’t have to keep track of paper documents. Additionally, we are planning to have our attorney write our policy if the OSHA ruling goes through. We want to be sure every T is crossed if that is what’s decided. I hope this helps!


    Hi Hannah! We (Duncan Aviation) are in the process of collecting team member vaccination status to comply with the ETS. We are collecting this through ADP which allows employees to state their vaccination status and upload proof of their full vaccination status. We are not mandating vaccines but, in accordance with the ETS, will begin to require mask wearing for employees who have not provided proof of full vaccination effective January 10th and will being the weekly testing requirement for the same effective February 9th (assuming the ETS holds). We are currently researching testing options through a third party and have not yet made a determination on who will shoulder the cost.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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