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    We had an employee test positive on a post accident drug/alcohol screen last year. As a result they were terminated.

    They recently applied for unemployment. The Unemployment Insurance representative (NDOL) is asking for proof regarding the termination including the incident report, the Substance Abuse policy, and the drug/alcohol screen results. I have no issues with the first two but am hesitant to submit what is arguably a medical record in the drug/alcohol screen.

    Is this a usual and legitimate request by Unemployment Insurance?

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    The Unemployment Insurance Representative (NDOL) works under Nebraska Employment Security Law.

    Below are couple references for you as employer.

    – NESL# 48-628 (2) Benefits; conditions disqualified applicant; exceptions. (Drugs/alcohol )

    – NESL#48-612. Employers; records and reports required; privileged communications; violation; penalty.

    I hope you can find your answer from there.

    Long Truong

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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