Dear Prospective Member:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of LincolnHR.

The mission of LincolnHR is to provide for the interchange of ideas, experiences, and methods concerning the relationships between management and employees, and to provide professional ethics and acquaintanceship among those involved in professional human resource management. LincolnHR provides all members with access to a membership listing that is to be used strictly as a tool to reinforce the mission of the organization.

The membership process includes completing the online form and paying the $150 membership dues, which covers membership through December 31st of the current calendar year (memberships paid after October 1st cover the remainder of the current calendar year and carry through the following calendar year). Once you submit the online form below, you will be asked immediately how you would like to pay your dues. Any applications completed online without online payment will not be processed until payment is received. The membership committee will forward the application with their recommendation to the Executive Board for action. I will contact you regarding your membership status following the Executive Board meeting.

LincolnHR is a chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). SHRM is a worldwide organization dedicated exclusively to the advancement of human resource management. SHRM also offers many benefits for you and your organization in addition to providing a number of services for our chapter.

If you have any questions about LincolnHR or SHRM, please feel free to contact me at 402.432.7585.


Justin Schreier
Membership Chair


This form must be completed in full and must be accompanied with payment for applicant to be considered for membership. Questions about this application form? E-mail Justin at

Individual Membership & Dues:

  • Memberships are $150 and include meals
  • All memberships in the Association shall be individual memberships. Firm or agency memberships are not allowed. Memberships are not transferable from one individual to another.


Regular Membership: As a practitioner whose primary duties fall within HR management, including but not limited to, compensation, benefits, employment, employee or organizational development, employee relations and management practices, workers’ compensation, human resource information systems, safety, and employee assistance program (EAP), but not including those exclusively providing administrative services to these functional areas; or (#2) as a university or college faculty member responsible for instructing students in HR management or serving as advisor to a Student SHRM Chapter, or  (#3) the applicant is a Professional or General Member of SHRM.