The volunteer program is very important to LincolnHR. These committees give you an opportunity to be involved and network with individuals of similar interests.

The following is a brief description of LincolnHR’s committees. If you do not volunteer to serve on a committee at this time, you can do so at any time during your active membership period.


This committee is responsible for keeping abreast of legislation that affects human resource issues on a national, state, and local level. They keep LincolnHR apprised of relevant state and national legislative issues, make recommendations to the LincolnHR Board, write letters, testify on behalf of LincolnHR, or take other appropriate action based on LincolnHR’s position. This committee also takes an active role in promoting local and national grassroots efforts.


This committee determines speakers and topics for monthly meetings, seminars, and workshops. They work with the ACA Group Partnership Network Liaison to provide information regarding programs for this committee to consider. Arrangements for meeting places, menus, and various other items required for meetings may be handled by this committee.


This committee encourages individuals in the Human Resource field to become involved in LincolnHR and SHRM National, generates applications for prospective members and recommends membership to the LincolnHR Board, hosts new member orientation, sponsors “get to know” programs and updates/publishes the annual membership directory.


This committee assists with registering, greeting, signing in and collecting money from meeting attendees.


This committee assists HR professionals in preparation for the next PHR / SPHR certification exam. This may also involve facilitating an evening SHRM Certification Study Group Session.


This committee will raise awareness and provide education and programming on Workforce Readiness. The committee will also conduct presentations and other activities to promote Workforce Readiness in the community.


The committee will coordinate presentations and other activities with student SHRM college chapters. The committee hosts students at LincolnHR meetings and provides student chapter assistance as needed throughout the year.


This committee raises awareness, understanding, and provides education on diversity. The committee monitors local and regional diversity issues and programs, and holds one diversity workshop annually. The committee also provides resources, recruits a diverse membership, and is available for questions.


This committee helps educate about LincolnHR through marketing and the internet.


This committee, provides meaningful ways for LincolnHR members to support the SHRM Foundation, as a chapter, so the Foundation can continue to support the Human Resource profession in its constantly changing role.