Welcome to LHRMA’s Legislative Issues section of our website!  Here you will find information about bills and newly formed laws on the state and local level that effect the Human Resource profession.  Please use the different sections below for assistance in keeping update up on legislative issues.  Questions can be directed to the Government Relations Chair at govt.relations@lincolnhr.org.

Nebraska Legislative Bills

The 105th session of the Nebraska Legislature has concluded.  The following is a summary of the status of the primary legislative bills that were followed by LHRMA during this session. For a more complete listing of legislative bills, see the SHRM Nebraska State Council Legislative Director’s summary.

Bills That Passed

  • LB 560 (Change provisions of the Nebraska Wage Payment and Collection Act) – Approved by the Governor 4/2/14
  • LB 588 (Change veteran employment preference provisions) – Approved by Governor on 2/18/14
  • LB 765 (Change the Nebraska Wage Payment and Collection Act:  Payroll debit cards) – Approved by the Governor 4/10/14
  • LB 907 (Public employers may not ask applicants to disclose criminal record or history until after it has been determined the applicant meets the minimum qualifications – Approved by the Governor 4/16/14
  • LB 961 (Originally a bill to change exclusive remedy provisions for Workers’ Compensation, but amended to provide for a fire fighting compact) – Approved by the Governor 4/16/14

Bills That Didn’t Pass

  • LB 570 (Adopt the Employers Certainty in Records Act) – Indefinitely postponed 4/17/14
  • LB 903 (Require a wage statement for employees ) – Indefinitely postponed 4/17/14
  • LB 955 (Paid Family Medical Leave Act) – Indefinitely postponed 4/17/14
  • LB 1085 (Require listing of employee salaries and job title of certain private employers) – Indefinitely postponed 4/17/14
  • LB 1090 (Adopt the Healthy Families and Workplaces Act) – Indefinitely postponed 4/17/14

Make Your Voice Heard!
There are a number of ways in which you can make your position on legislation known to a legislative committee (prior to the hearing) or to the senator in your legislative district. Don’t depend on “someone else” to do it. Make your voice heard! Take action on legislation that can directly impact your work. Click here for more.

Legislative Resources