DOL Overtime Request for Information

The Department of Labor issued a Request for Information on July 25th, 2017, regarding the overtime rule. Before issuing a notice of proposed rulemaking with an actual rule, the DOL, through this RFI, is first seeking comments on how the salary level for the white collar exemptions should be set, and at what level. There is a 60 day comment period. Following that (and depending on what happens at the Fifth Circuit), we can expect a new rule with a lower salary level, though it could vary by region (one of the topics they are seeking comment). In the RFI, the DOL also asks how employers reacted to the 12/1/16 increase (e.g., increasing salaries, reclassifying but reducing the hourly rate) and what the impact has been. In the interim, below is the Request for Information if you are interested in reviewing.

PDF: DOL Overtime Request for Information