Nebraska SHRM – Legislative Director Update March 12th, 2017

March 12, 2017 Update


  • LB 173   Prohibit discrimination based upon sexual orientation and gender identity   (Bolz Priority Bill – currently on General File)
  • LB 181  Provide for reimbursement to employees for certain medical examinations under the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act  (Quick Priority Bill and Several Amendments recently filed)
  • LB 248   Adopt the Youth Opportunities in Learning and Occupations Act   (Harr Priority Bill – currently on General File)
  • LB 622 Adopt the Medical Cannabis Act (Wishart Priority Bill)



  • Labor Secretary Nominee Alexander Acosta’s Senate confirmation hearing has been pushed back to March 22
  • The Employee Benefits Security Administration issued a field assistance bulletin Fridayto clarify its enforcement policy on the Labor Department’s fiduciary rule.  The rule requires broker dealers to consider only their client’s best interest (and not fees and commissions) when providing retirement advice.  The regulation was set to take effect April 10th but the Trump Administration directed the Department of Labor to delay its implementation.  You can access the bulletin here:
  • The U.S. Senate passed, by a single vote margin, a joint resolution previously passed by the U.S. House that “disapproves” President Obama’s 2014 Executive Order 13673 Fair Pay And Safe Workplaces, often called the “blacklisting” executive order.  The joint resolution authorized by the Congressional Review Act, is headed for President Trump’s signature.  Trump is expected to sign the joint resolution.   You can read more here:
  • President Trump has narrowed his list of candidates to fill the two open seats on the five member NLRB.  To learn more about the potentially nominees, please read here: