Nebraska SHRM – Legislative Director Update May 15th, 2017

May 15, 2017 Update

Other Notable Developments:

  • The President has indicated that Marvin Kaplan and William Emmanuel may be the next two nominees to the NLRB.  Kaplan is an attorney for the OSHA Review Commission and Emmanuel is a management-side labor attorney.  The President’s administration submitted both names for an FBI background check, the first step in the nominee process.  The Administration reported that they hope to have nominees submitted to fill the two vacancies on the NLRB by June.
  • Given the publicity and concerns with ransomware attacks, we have prepared a prevention and preparedness article to help businesses concerned with ransomware attacks.  You can read more here:
  • Given the President’s focus on immigration enforcement, you can read more here on how to prepare for heightened immigration enforcement under the Trump Administration: