What You Missed…April Program

LHRMA Meeting 4/11 – What You Missed

The April 11th LHRMA meeting was packed full of information covering Exploring Development and Business Opportunities in Lincoln’s Growing Community provided by the following panelists:

Pat Haverty, Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development
Lori Roeder, Costco
David Carry, Planning Director/Lincoln-Lancaster County

The Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development (LPED) provided an overview of their connection with the community, employers and employment. LPED shared some of their initiatives and opportunities involving attracting and retaining employers and talent along with a focus on young professionals. Two employment-related points of discussion surrounded their career and resume connection website http://livelovelincoln.org and monthly Talent Forum meetings.

Costco informed our attendees about upcoming plans for their new warehouse, their retail and growth strategies and their community awareness and partnership. This includes their unique community connection strategy of executive membership that provide members with local retail and service discounts on non-Costco products. Costco’s employment and staffing strategy is in the works in Lincoln and offers a competitive part-time benefit package. There are opportunities for employers to participate in Costco-sponsored discount membership informational meetings for their employees.

The Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Department shared the tremendous growth history and outlook for Lincoln with respect to population, housing, schools, jobs and employers. By 2022, Lincoln is expected to grow to a population of around 300,000. Current and prospective employers are attracted to doing business in Lincoln; focusing less on location and infrastructure and more on the availability of people and skills to fill their jobs.

This was a great meeting to attend providing relevant resources and information for all attendees!